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We currently offer over 15 courses, including Engineering Tools and Laboratory tutorials, as well as student’s and focus projects. Students are strongly integrated in our research activities and industrial collaborations and are closely working together with PhD students. They appreciate our commitment to teaching: In the past 10 years, we have supervised roughly 600 student projects, including more than 120 Bachelor-Theses, 290 Semester-Thesis and 190 Master- resp. Diploma Theses.

Courses Spring Semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0042-01L Engineering Tool III: FEM-Programs  G. Kress
151-0324-00L Engineering Design with Polymers and Polymer Composites  G. P. Terrasi
151-0358-00L Structural Optimization  G. Kress,
B. Schläpfer
151-0361-00L An Introduction to the Finite-Element Method  G. Kress,
C. Thurnherr
151-0366-00L Aircraft Structures  P. Ermanni
151-0546-00L Polymer Composites Lab  P. Ermanni
151-0548-00L Manufacturing of Polymer Composites  P. Ermanni,
J.-H. Wong

Courses Fall Semester 2016

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0017-10L Engineering Tool IV: Introduction to Structural Testing  P. Ermanni
151-0079-20L SeatCase - An Innovative Airline Seat  P. Ermanni
151-0079-30L Airborne Wind Energy System  P. Ermanni
151-0079-40L CFLF System: Free Form 3D Printing of Fibre Composite Structures  P. Ermanni
151-0349-00L Fatigue Strength of Materials, Components and Structures  R. E. Koller,
M. Guillaume
151-0353-00L Mechanics of Composite Materials  G. Kress
151-0357-00L Ropeway Technology  G. Kovacs
151-0360-00L Procedures for the Analysis of Structures  G. Kress
151-0364-00L Lightweight Structures Laboratory  M. Zogg,
P. Ermanni
151-0550-00L Adaptive Materials for Structural Applications  A. Bergamini
151-3201-00L Studies on Engineering Design  K. Shea,
P. Ermanni,
M. Meboldt
151-3203-00L Grand Challenges in Engineering Design  P. Ermanni,
M. Meboldt,
K. Shea
151-3207-00L Lightweight  P. Ermanni
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