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Fabrication and Experimental Testing of 2D Hybrid Phononic Crystal

Fabrication and experimental investigation of a 2D Hybrid Phononic Crystal, composed of a plate integrated with an electrical network of interconnected RLC circuits, where a newly developed miniature synthetic inductor will be utilized. Details 

Numerical Simulation of a 3D Printing Process for Fiber Composite Extrusion

This work sets out to simulate the material behavior of a novel fiber composite extrusion process under critical external loads. Details 

Experimental Characterization of Material behavior for a 3D Printing Process of Carbon Fiber Composites

The novel approach of additively printing (3D printing) complex fiber composite structures without the use of formwork or molds will be investigated within the scope of this thesis. Details 

Investigation of bend-twist coupling at the wingtip of an AWE aircraft utilizing a compliant wing section

The wind at the operating altitude, ranging from 150 to 400m, can vary from below 3 m/s to a maximum of approximately 25 m/s. In order to develop a viable aircraft, the take-off speed needs to be minimized, while the maximum operating speed needs to be pushed as far up as possible. Details 

Development of a coupled fluid-structure numerical simulation in MATLAB for permeability characterization

Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) is a widespread method for the production of composite components, which consists in the injection of a fluid resin through an engineering textile, which implies the interaction of complex phenomena. Details 

Investigation of Fibre Reinforced Elastomers

FRE have a very anisotropic behaviour, which can be exploited for the application as a flexible, and simultaniously buckling resistant, material. Details 

Ultrafast Disconnector for HVDC Circuit Breakers based on smart materials

Feasibility study of a disconnector for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) circuit breakers based on piezoelectric or other solid state actuators, possibly in conjunction with bi-stable mechanical elements for energy storage. Details 

Investigation of chord-wise wing extension for Airborne Wind Energy aircraft

Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) describes the concept of harvesting wind energy at high altitude, using a tethered aircraft, connected to a ground station. The aircraft generates large lifting forces, and thereby reels out the tether from the ground station, producing energy. Details 

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