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Investigation of flexible spanwise varying camber morphing system

The aim of this project is to develop a flexible spanwise varying camber morphing system, which minimizes the aerodynamic drag, while enabling the adjacent sections to change their camber independently. Some concepts already exist with reduced complexity, which are fixed at the root, and enable camb Details 

Student research assistant position for thermoplastic composite sample manufacturing and material characterization

This research assistant position is focusing on experimental work around the pultrusion of thermoplastic composites using commingled yarns. Details 

Innovative Vacuum Bag Systems for Low Energy Composite Manufacturing Technologies

In a recent research project, a new and simple idea has brought to the development of an innovative vacuum bag system, designed for the production of components in a Resin Infusion under Flexible Tooling (RIFT) process. This original tooling system could permits to enhance the process robustness, pr Details 

Development and Characterization of Interface Bonding Concepts in Composite Lattice Core Sandwich Structures

In order to increase the performance of composite lattice core sandwich structures and to prevent premature interface failure, this thesis aims to develop and characterize improved solutions for creating the core-to-facesheet interface bonding in such structures. Details 

Experimental study of the effects of the fiber-bed pre-conditioning on permeability measurements

CRTM is a manufacturing technique used by BMW for the production of the CFRP frames of the BMW i3 and i8 series. In this process, the resin is pressed into the textile in through-thickness direction. At CMASLab, we are investigating this type of process and developing new methods for the characterization of the relevant material parameters. In the study of the through-thickness textile permeability, the compaction behavior of the fiber bed has a great influence on the flow behavior Details 

Structural Analysis of Composite Lattice Core Sandwich Cylinders

The goal of this thesis is to investigate the structural behavior of sandwich cylindrical shells with composite lattice cores based on parametric finite element analysis and to assess their competitiveness with state-of-the-art technologies for buckling-prone cylindrical structures. Details 

Development of a methodology for the experimental characterization of capillary forces in engineering textiles

The study of impregnation phenomena of reinforcements textiles requires the investigation of the capillary effects. Those effects are the results of the surface tension forces acting at the resin-fiber-gas interface. Those forces do affect the saturation process of the fiber tows and the overall flow dynamics of the fluid through the porous media Details 

Experimental and numerical investigation of pulling forces during the thermoplastic pultrusion process

The aim of this thesis is to develop and validate a numerical model in cooperation with an industrial research partner to predict pulling forces during the pultrusion process and their dependence of different processing parameters like fibre volume content and pultrusion die geometry. Details 

Numerical design and experimental validation of a pultrusion die for thermoplastic composites.

The aim of this thesis is to develop in close cooperation with an industrial research partner a thermo-mechanical Comsol model to design the optimum pultrusion die for the processing of commingled yarns, including the mechanical design of the die and the experimental validation of the model. Details 

Numerical Investigation of an Electromechanical Internally Resonating Metamaterial

In this thesis an electromechanical acoustic metamaterial for vibration attenuation is investigated numerically. Based on previous work different topologies are assessed on their dynamic behavior concerning wave propagation and frequency response. Details 

Simulation of Kiss-Roll Coating

This thesis shall build on an existing simulation tool in ANSYS Fluent which models dip-coating of single fibers for the production of bicomponent fibers. The model geometry shall be modified to resemble kiss-roll coating of a single fiber. Details 

Numerical Simulation of a 3D Printing Process for Fiber Composite Extrusion

This work sets out to simulate the material behavior of a novel fiber composite extrusion process under critical external loads. Details 

Experimental Characterization of Material behavior for a 3D Printing Process of Carbon Fiber Composites

The novel approach of additively printing (3D printing) complex fiber composite structures without the use of formwork or molds will be investigated within the scope of this thesis. Details 

Development of a coupled fluid-structure numerical simulation in MATLAB for permeability characterization

Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) is a widespread method for the production of composite components, which consists in the injection of a fluid resin through an engineering textile, which implies the interaction of complex phenomena. Details 

Ultrafast Disconnector for HVDC Circuit Breakers based on smart materials

Feasibility study of a disconnector for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) circuit breakers based on piezoelectric or other solid state actuators, possibly in conjunction with bi-stable mechanical elements for energy storage. Details 

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