Visit of Aircraft Structures Lecture to Pilatus Aircraft Ltd in Stans


On April 25th , the students of the Aircraft Structures lecture of Prof. Paolo Ermanni visited the facilities of Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus in Stans, NW. The Pilatus representatives showcased the company and the opportunities for alumni of ETHZ and gave a very insightful tour through the manufacturing and assembly facilities.

In the early afternoon, the students of the Aircraft Structures lecture were greeted warmly at the company’s headquarters in Stans in Central Switzerland. Dr. Urs Thomann, alumnus of the CMASLab, presented the company and its portfolio, including the new jet aircraft PC-24. Furthermore, junior employees of Pilatus presented the trainee programme at the company aimed at graduates of the Master in Mechanical Engineering at ETH. This trainee programme will focus on working in various areas of research and development at Pilatus including mechanical systems, avionics, structural development, and software engineering.

After the presentations, smaller groups of students were guided through the manufacturing and assembly lines of the Pilatus aircrafts. At different stations, employees of Pilatus gave very interesting insights into the flight testing, the metal and composite workshops, as well as the assembly and finishing process. After the tour the impressions were discussed during a delicious aperitif.

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Finally, the teaching team of the Aircraft Structures lecture would like to thank Bruno Cervia, Urs Thomann, and the former Master students of the group, Luca de Simoni and Luca Soldati, for making this inspiring visit possible. We are looking forward to the visit again next year.

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