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The researchers at CMASLab regularly present their findings during poster sessions at various events. Below is a selection of the most recent contributions.

Aerospace Structures

Multidisciplinary analysis and optimization of a morphing wing for Airborne Wind Energy applications

U. Fasel, D. Keidel et al.

Aeroelastic Morphing and Variable Stiffness with Compliant Structures

A. Arrieta et al.

Aero-Structural Optimization of 3-D Adaptive Wings with Embedded Smart Actuators

G. Molinari et al.

Morphing Wing with Adaptive Bending-Twist Coupling

W. Raither et al.

Composite Materials and Processing

Bicomponent Fibers for Thermoplastic Composites

C. Schneeberger et al.

Hybrid OOA Prepreg/LCM Process for Integrated Structures

M. Danzi et al.

Highly reactive flows in LCM processes

J. Maldonado et al.

Combined Experimental/Numerical Approach for Process Monitoring in LCM

C. Di Fratta et al.

Computational Structural Mechanics

Modeling and design of corrugated laminates

C. Thurnherr et al.

Non-linear stiffness response of corrugated laminates in tensile loading

C. Thurnherr et al.

Phase stable RF-cable for space applications

H. Karstensen et al.

Modeling of testing situations of laminated composite tubular specimens

G. Kress

Electro-Mechanical Material Systems

Integration of multi-field resonant elements in stiff structures

A. Bergamini et al.

A new class of Phononic Crystals with adaptive topology

T. Delpero et al.

Hybrid Phononic Crystal

Edgar A. Flores Parra et al.

Piezoelectric vibration damping using autonomous switching shunt

T. Delpero et al.

Inspire ICS

Fast and Robust Joining Process for Aerospace Components by Local Heating of Paste Adhesives

A. Sánchez Cebrián et al.

Patched Laminate Processing for Recycling of Production Cut-offs or Scrap-less Laminate Lay-ups

M. Zogg et al.

Combination of high Complexity of Additive Manufacturing and excellent mechanical Performance of CFRP

M. Zogg et al.

Simulation of the Cure of Paste Adhesives by Induction Heating

A. Sánchez Cebrián et al.

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