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Structures are everywhere. They play a central role in the realisation of innovative technical products and systems with ever-increasing demands.

Our group is strategically focusing on design, modeling and fabrication of adaptive material systems and composites structures for application in lightweight systems. Our approach combines experimental techniques, analytical and numerical methods to understand, to simulate and to verify the physical behavior of the developed solutions. 

Our competences span from material science to novel engineering applications, covering (i) design, fabrication and characterization of intelligent material systems, including their integration in active and passive smart structures, (ii) understanding and control of complex impregnation and curing phenomena and development of advanced fabrication techniques, (iii) development of models and more efficient numerical methods to analyze the physical behavior of material and structures and to design optimized composite and adaptive structures.

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Aerospace Structures

Our group investigates the exploitation of distributed properties of smart materials and structures in the design of novel adaptive systems. Read more


Composite Materials and Processing

Our group is working on novel ideas and approaches aiming at reducing cycle time and costs in the production of high performance composite parts. Read More

Computational Structural Mechanics

Our group is developing original mechanical models and more efficient numerical methods to facilitate design optimization of geometrically complex composite structures. Read More

Electro-Mechanical Material Systems

Our research focuses on electromechanical coupling phenomena in structures and structured materials for vibration reduction, energy harvesting, and shape morphing. Read More

Innovative Composite Structures

Inspire ICS (Innovative Composite Structures) is a research group of Inspire AG that is for science and technology issues linked to the Laboratory of Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures of ETH Zurich. Read More

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