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Inspire ICS (Innovative Composite Structures) is a research group of Inspire AG that is for science and technology issues linked to the Laboratory of Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures of ETH Zurich.

The core competence of Inspire ICS is the research on and development of lightweight structures made of fiber reinforced polymers considering materials, design, manufacturing processes and integration of functions.

Actual research topics are in the fields of:

  • FRP Material Behavior
    combined experimental/analytical approach for FRP ply optimization
  • Reinforcement Architecture
    optimization of reinforcement fiber arrangement and orientation
  • Tools for Process Optimization
    tools for accelerated processes with improved robustness
  • Passive Damping
    research on passive damping for lightweight structures

Research Projects

Improvement of the acoustic behavior of lightweight CFRP Automotive Structures

Project Illustration - Improvement of the acoustic behavior of lightweight CFRP Automotive Structures

This project targets to establish the know-how to reliably and accurately simulate the acoustic vibration behavior of lightweight CFRP vehicle structures and to design optimized lightweight damping and acoustic treatment solutions for these cars.
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Clean Sky. Eco design ITD

Clean Sky is a "Joint Technology Initiative" (JTI) that will develop breakthrough technologies to significantly improve the impact of the air transport on the environment. Eco-Design is an ITD for green design and production by optimal use of raw materials and energies.
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MAAXIMUS (More Affordable Aircraft through eXtended Integrated and Mature nUmerical Sizing)

The goal of this project is to design, manufacture and test C-frame components made of composite materials with integrated damping treatment. Outstanding vibration damping and mechanical properties must be achieved with the target to minimize the weight.
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Tailored matrix systems for highly fatigue loaded glass fiber reinforced polymer structures

The mechanical properties of dynamically high-loaded structures out of glass-fiber-reinforced polymers shall be optimized through an aimed modification of the matrix flexibility, which shall lead to a more efficient utilisation of the load capacity of the fibers that lie in the main load direction.
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Research Projects - Concluded

Recycling of preform cutoffs by the patch-recycling process

The sustainable use of the high-priced resource carbon fiber as raw material for the production of patched advanced composites is the goal of this research. Through this universal approach it will be possible to minimize CF-production waste during almost every common processing method.
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Fast and robust joining process for aerospace components by local heating of paste adhesives

The goal of the research project is to investigate original approaches aiming at optimizing the assembly design and the process parameters for robust fast joining of aerospace components by paste adhesives.
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Damping Technology for automotive panel structures

We are investigating novel damping approaches for applications in car panels that are mounted to the load-carrying primary structure of the vehicle. The objective is to reach outstanding damping performance considering the stringent weight and cost requirement in the automotive industry.
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Citius - design and manufacturing of hull

The objective of this sub-project, performed by the Centre of Structure Technologies, is to design and optimize the fiber reinforced polymer hulls of the 2-men and 4-men Citius bobsleds and to support the manufacturing of the hulls at RUAG Aerospace.
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